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Flanders Buttocks Ointment

I am going to start a series of posts about things that have helped me out tremendously in my parenting journey!

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This one is a life saver!

Being a first time mother I really did not have much in my “mommy toolbox” if you will. This is one thing that I always keep with me now!  Flanders Buttocks Ointment

I have tried many different pastes and creams but this one works wonders! I stumbled upon this working in the newborn nurseries. A basic barrier cream was the first “go to” but when diaper rashes appeared or worsened they would always order flanders! I never thought too much of it until I had parents tell me that they have been using other pastes and their rashes would not go away!

Of course this is not going to replace the importance of frequent diaper changes!

However, this has helped me make it 8 months keeping my little girl diaper rash free. As a mother, that makes me feel so happy! I love finding products that make life easier for my little one!


Sensitive Skin…

I am also happy to say that this product works very well on sensitive skin! In the hospital we use it on our tiny little premature babies with the most sensitive skin of all!

The Smell

I think that it smells good! It does have a distinct natural smell to it but it is not like a fragrance you would expect from something scented.


The Consistency

This paste is very smooth! You only need a thin layer all around the diaper area for it to work its magic!

The Leftovers

It does leave a light brown overtone in the diaper when you take it off! So do not worry thinking that it is stool or anything like that. It is not clear or white like most butt pastes so you notice it leftover in the diaper.


The Cost

As a mom, I know that this is a very important factor in our decision making process. This paste is around $9 per bottle on Amazon and it lasts forever! I bought three bottles when my daughter was born and still have 2 of them now and she is 8 months old. One bottle is still unopened.


These are other products that I like just for price comparison!

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste – $11.38 per bottle

Aquaphor– $12.25 per 14oz

Desitin – $10.44 per Jar


Every mom has products that she prefers to use! I like many of the products that are out there but Flanders is by far my personal favorite. Give it a shot!

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