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Super Easy Homemade Wipes

Super Easy Homemade Wipes Making your wipes at home can be a great first step when you are getting your feet wet with natural living! It is very easy to do and awesome for the little butts in your home! What you need: Container to keep wipes in (I found mine at Target for $4.99) […] Read more…

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Why I Got Married Young

Do you come across people that feel the uncontrollable need to judge you when they find out that you got married young? I do…ALL THE TIME! I usually don’t say anything when they make their snide comments or rude facial expressions. I politely tell them no when they ask me “Were you pregnant?’ (Which is […] Read more…

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Simple Living & Motherhood

Simple living! Simple living and motherhood…two words that usually are not spoken together. As mamas we know that multitasking and managing with little to no sleep are two things that we do well. So living a simple life and being a mother simultaneously seems like an impossible task. This blog is here to make your […] Read more…