Simple living!

Simple living and motherhood…two words that usually are not spoken together. As mamas we know that multitasking and managing with little to no sleep are two things that we do well. So living a simple life and being a mother simultaneously seems like an impossible task. This blog is here to make your life easier! It will be about all sorts of things that will help simplify your routine. New and easy recipes, mommy hacks, natural products to use for your family, DIY project ideas and instructions as well as information on pregnancy and childbirth. If you read my about me page you already know that I am a pediatric nurse. I am using this blog and my New YouTube Channel! to get help to mamas out there with questions.


I spend most of my days at the hospital answering all sorts of questions from parents and the thing that I have come to realize is that most people over complicate things! They don’t really know how to do the basic things when it comes to caring for their child so they are completely overwhelmed by the time they leave the hospital with this new little bundle of joy. I want to help eliminate some of that confusion and mental exhaustion by getting some things cleared up before you even get to the hospital. You may have multiple children and feel like a pro, but there is always some tip or trick that will make your day a little easier. So, submit your questions! You may just love the answers!


This really is a game changer! Adjusting to being a new mom is hard and stressful even for the people that care for these little ones for a living. It is very different when you are “on the clock” 24/7. Children do fun and interesting things all the time. Some shove peas up their noses while others cover the computer keyboard in glue 🙂 They are such fun and amazing little people but they surely are a lot of work! How do we keep our sanity?

Change the way we think!

Changing the way we think about things has the potential to change our entire life. We, as moms, tend to miss out on a lot of fun and enjoyable experiences because we are too buy taking care of everyone and keeping things running. The trick is to find a happy medium where responsibilities are met but fun is also on the table. We get one life ladies! Lets make the most of it! Lets stack away happy memories in our brains! Let the little things go!



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