Postpartum Experience

Sophia. Postpartum. Labor and delivery. Coming home. Daughter.

I was wheeled over to postpartum…

I felt like I could literally curl up and sleep for days I was so exhausted. When I got there I fed Sophia again. She was nursing for 30-45 minutes at a time! I was also super excited to be able to order breakfast because I was starving! I remember that hospital omelet tasting like heaven ๐Ÿ™‚

After that my nurse came in and they started giving me Percocet. That stuff knocked me for a loop!! I fell right asleep and slept very very hard (according to Matt!) My sweet husband was holding our daughter and taking videos while I was sleeping with our GoPro. Haha. You can only imagine!

On to something a little more serious…

I have been a pediatric nurse for a while now and I work with babies all the time. I have given vaccines and taken blood over and over again. Almost to the point that it started to become routine. However, it was a whole new story when they were doing it to MY baby. This experience really helped me grow as a nurse because it gave me an entirely new perspective.

Blood Sugar Problems

I was having some blood sugar problems and unfortunately so was Sophia. Ours were both very low. They were having to stick her for checks over and over. Her sugars stayed pretty low for a while.

The next hours consisted of everyone wanting to come to see the baby and doctors/nurses coming in and out checking on us. They kept threatening to admit her to the nursery to watch her sugars more closely if they did not come up. I remember thinking that it would feel like the end of the world to have my baby taken away from me. All of this was so interesting because I work with these babies in the nursery all the time. I have to say I now know what it feels like to be that scared parent on the other side of the story. I can’t imagine how hard it is for new parents whose children stay for long periods of time. Especially first time parents. I have an entirely new outlook when it comes to my tiny little patients and their families.

So, to avoid this admission I was having her nurse like crazy!! I was trying to keep her warm and cuddled and relaxed. My nipples started to get raw and felt like they were going to fall off! She had an incredibly strong suck for such a little thing!

Now the time came….I had to use the restroom! Oh no!

I called the nurse because it was my first time getting up after the epidural. I will say sitting in the bed I could feel my legs pretty well and I thought this was going to be a piece of cake. Little did I know…I stood up and literally almost hit the ground because my legs felt like noodles. Matt more or less carried me to the bathroom. I thought that would be the hardest part until I tried to pee. WOW! I was so sore and it burned like crazy. I would only let a tiny bit of urine out at a time because every drop made me want to cry! Then I got to use the fancy squirt bottle to clean the area and pat dry with some super soft gauze pads! This is also when I started using the Dermoplast spray which actually helped me a lot! I was so glad they gave me some of that to take home. The walk back to the bed was just as eventful as the first. This time, however, I actually fell asleep standing up beside the bed before I sat down. I am telling you that percocet kicked my butt! Matt and the nurse laughed and got me back into bed. With it being that big of an adventure it made me not want to do it again at all! How realistic right? ๐Ÿ™‚

Feeling Strange

The evening went on and a lot of people were coming in and out. I felt so blessed that so many people wanted to meet Sophia. I also remember feeling kind of strange because there I was sitting naked in the bed with a hospital gown on, nipples that were totally raw, loopy on percocet, and wearing what felt like a huge diaper that I was constantly bleeding and dripping into. It was definitely a new experience all around. I do remember being so thankful for those big underwear they give you and ice packs to put between my legs!

That first night was ROUGH.

She was crying and wanting to nurse very often and it hurt like crazy when she latched. At this point her blood sugars were not “high enough” and they wanted me to supplement using formula. At first I did not want to but for the well being of my baby I did. She hated the formula and started throwing it up. Here I am completely out of it and exhausted beyond belief with a screaming newborn who is now throwing up and doctor’s telling me that if it didn’t get better they were just going to admit her to the floor. It almost felt to me like they were bullying me into using more formula and they almost made it feel like my fault if she went to the floor. Kind of like if you can’t get her to nurse more and drink this then this is what we are going to do. I didn’t like it at all.


Around 2am or so I just had a breakdown. I could not stop crying. Probably because I just gave birth and my hormones were wacky but also because I had no idea how to make the situation better. Every 3-4 hours I had to watch them stick my daughter. The hospital protocol includes running blood through an Istat machine if the blood sugars are a certain number or below. So not only were they sticking Sophia once for blood but they were often having to do it multiple times every single time. I just sat there watching her scream and I felt so helpless. The wonderful nurse that I had came in and just sat on the bed and talked to me. I have never felt that emotional in my entire life.

The next day…

The next day started to get better! Her sugars finally started coming up and I stopped using the formula. I guess her little body just needed a chance to get going. I still felt very sore and loopy. It was like I was feeding her and sleeping on a constant rotation. Every now and then I would wake up to more people coming in and out. This day we also had physical therapy come by and explain exercises to do with her arm. I must say that it would have been much more effective if I could have talked to physical therapy when I was more “with it” and not so fresh out of delivery. Luckily she left handouts and I had a number I could call.

That afternoon Matt and I got to give Sophie her first bath ๐Ÿ™‚

It was so sweet. We did it in the bassinet in the room. She LOVED getting her hair washed. Sophia closed her eyes and dropped her mouth open the entire time I scrubbed her little head. She also pooped all over Matt’s hands! It was such a sweet experience we got to have alone together. Afterwards she was finally nice and clean with all the stuff out of her hair!!

ย Second Night

The second night was much better. Trips to the bathroom were still incredibly painful but I could stand up and fully feel my legs which was nice! The nurse took Sophia and did her hearing screen and Hep B shot and other tests. Matt went and got my favorite Greek restaurant for dinner! I am so grateful that he was by my side every step of the way. Watching him hold and love on Sophia made me feel a love so strong I never knew existed before.


The next morning it was time to get ready to go home! I remember thinking oh gosh…now I get to do this all on my own! I was loving the prepared meals and the help! We got everything all together and packed up. It took until noon or so to make sure that all the paperwork was completed and everything was done. I made sure I had all my little keepsakes and Matt pulled the car around.

We strapped her into her little seat and were on our way! HOME!

I felt every bump that we hit on the ride home. I was so sore from delivery it hurt to even sit on the seat in the car. It felt like such a long ride. When we finally got home it was such a relief! Until Matt had to go to work the next day and I was all alone! But I will save that for another post. We were finally home together as a family and it was so nice.

Sophia, labor and delivery, coming home, daughter

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