My Labor & Delivery

This was a crazy experience to say the least! Even though I had taken part in many deliveries through work my own still blew my mind! It was the scariest and most exciting day of my life! Labor is so unique to each individual! Before you read this just know that this is my story and it is very personal to me. Everyone has a different experience and view of things. I just want to share mine openly and honestly for all the mommy’s and soon to be mommy’s who are interested!

6am Friday

Arrived at hospital to be induced. It was freezing outside! Seriously it was the coldest day of the entire winter! Her estimated weight was 6lbs 11oz. My husband and I were so excited we couldn’t even stand it! We barely slept the night before and like most new parents probably brought way more than we needed to the hospital. 🙂


When I arrived they checked me in and got me settled in a room. The nurses came in and put an IV in my hand and checked all my vitals while hooking me up to all of the monitors. I kept on a blood pressure cuff, and bands around my stomach to listen to her heartbeat and measure my contractions. They started me on IV fluids. A doctor came in and checked to see how dilated I was and I was 3cm and about 50% effaced. Then they did another quick ultrasound to make sure that she was head down and in position. I was then started on a Pitocin(oxytocin) drip.

The Waiting Game

After that it was all about waiting. My contractions started getting stronger and stronger. I laid in the bed, walked around the room and switched positions like crazy. The nurses checked my blood sugar every 3 hours or so and wanted it to stay between 60-70. I wasn’t eating anything at first and I got as much sleep as I could during this time. The anesthesiologist also came by to explain the epidural process and get my signature just in case I wanted it later on so it would not be delayed. Tons of people were in and out of the room including doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, friends and family.

3pm-Epidural Time!

Came around and I was 5cm. Let me just say when they check your cervix it becomes increasingly more uncomfortable as labor progresses. By this time the contractions were so hard and intense that I asked for the epidural. It took the anesthesiologist a while to get back up to my room and by the time she did the pain was awful. I hunched over and held my husband’s hands as she prepped my back and put a drape on me. It took her a couple of minutes fishing around with that needle in my back to find the right spot.


The lidocaine was cold and stung very badly and I could feel it shooting across my back. After it was mostly numb it juste felt like a ton of pressure. The epidural needle was nothing after the lidocaine set in. After the epidural was in place I relaxed a lot and went to sleep. I slept on and off into the night. I was using a peanut ball to try to help her move down into my pelvis. It was really tricky trying to stay covered up with that huge ball and a huge belly 🙂


Around this time they also started inserting in and out catheters because I could not get up to use the restroom and was on IV fluids. I thought it would feel like forever but honestly time was going by very quickly. Toward the evening I started getting hungry and they allowed me to have broth and jello. Nasty as it was I was glad because I had not had anything to eat in almost 24 hours.


At this time I was about 7cm. I could tell on the monitors that my contractions were getting stronger and closer together but my water still had not broken. It was really neat to watch the monitors and see my contractions form little peaks while I listened to her heartbeat thump away. I knew I was getting closer to meeting my baby girl.


The doctor came in and broke my water. That did not hurt at all because my epidural was already in place. It was just odd to hear all of that water gushing out. Matt said it looked sort of strange to see that. But the fluid was all clear and we were good to go.

9pm I was 8 cm and 100% effaced.

11:30pm– 10cm and 100% PUSH TIME!!

I was so excited it was finally time to start pushing! Little did I know that this is when it would go south. Then I started pushing and had my husband and my nurse in the room. The nurse told me to do a couple of practice pushes with my next contraction and apparently she was so low I pushed and they could already see her! I thought it was going to be over in a couple of pushes. They rushed to get the birth trays ready and called in the doctor. I was pushing and at this time honestly only felt a lot of pressure. My husband was counting for me and watching everything. He absolutely loved it. I pushed and pushed and pushed and she did not seem to want to come out.

1 hour into pushing

My epidural STOPPED WORKING!! My pain went through the roof! I could feel her head wiggling around in my pelvis and I began feeling everything again! I pushed 1.5 more hours without the epidural. It was awful. It felt like a huge bowling ball that just needed to come out and the more I pushed the better I felt.

3 hours into pushing

The anesthesiologist came back and fixed my epidural so that it started to work again but by this time I was already 3 hours into pushing! The nurse attached a bar to my bed so that my legs were put up into a V. My husband held my hands and pulled me down through my legs so that I was folded over. I pushed for 30 more minutes and they told me that she and I were wearing out so if she was not out in the next 30 minutes I was going to have a c-section.


I told them no way after all of this am I letting them cut me open!! In the next 10 minutes her head finally came out but she had a shoulder dystocia and was face up. They also noticed the cord around her neck. Matt was between my legs pulling my hands and counting while the nurse got on top of me pushing down on my stomach trying to get her unstuck!

3:01 am Saturday

I pushed as hard as I possibly could and she finally came out! All 8lbs 9oz of her! (The estimate was obviously way off!)

They laid my sweet girl on my chest for about 2 seconds before taking her to the warmer because she wasn’t crying. Sophia was purple and they thought that one of her arms was broken because it was limp. All of a sudden tons of people rushed into the room. The entire stabilization team came in over to her. Matt went with her and I stayed on the table so they could deliver the placenta.

I was terrified

I was thinking of so many things but mostly I was scared. Terrified that she was not going to be okay. I remember sitting up and there was blood everywhere! All over Matt and the doctor and nurse. I bled way more than what I should have. The wave of emotions was insane! The doctor delivered the placenta which did not hurt, it just slid out. They then cleaned up the area as much as they could.


Sophie finally started crying with a little stimulation and they wrapped her up and brought her to me. That was literally the best moment of my life. Looking into her sweet little eyes was magical. I quickly inspected every little inch of her in awe. Next, I put her to breast and she latched like a champ! I could not have been any happier in that moment with Sophie and Matt. We were finally all together!


It was perfect. Then the doctor stitched up a few little tears. I hardly felt that either. I was just so happy at this point to be holding her I didn’t care what they did to me. The doctor told me that Sophia’s arm was still a concern to everyone but he said that it was not broken just badly stretched. He called it a brachial plexus injury. They told me that they would look at it again later on in the day but that she was okay. Off to postpartum we went!

I am going to make postpartum a separate post because it was a lot as well!

It was all worth it in the end because I got to meet my sweet little girl 🙂

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