Hello Mamas! My name is Taylor.

I have a wonderful husband named Matthew and a beautiful daughter named Sophia!

This blog was started as a way to get information out there and [stop watching Netflix:)] while transitioning into a stay at home mom role.

Simple Living: This part of the blog means a lot to me! I am searching for a simpler life! My husband and I eventually want to escape from the city, buy a farm and homestead! This life is very fascinating and exciting to us! We are getting our finances together so that hopefully sometime in the near future we can make this move! Until then, the posts on this will be all of my DIY projects and homesteading things that I am starting to learn now (while still in our neighborhood). I am also a natural mama! I love essential oils, strive for a completely chemical free home, and love trying all things natural.

Nursing Mama: This part is very personal to me! I am a nursing mama in both meanings of the word. I am currently over 2 years into our breastfeeding journey and I am a licensed pediatric nurse. I teach breastfeeding and childbirth education classes for the hospital that I work for. I LOVE talking with my students and hearing their questions. I figured if they had the questions, many other people probably do too and what better place to get information out there than the internet!

There will be posts on pregnancy & breastfeeding, awesome (easy) recipes, motherhood, the essential oil life, DIY projects, organization, kids and me!

I cannot wait to share my journey with you!

Here are the links to my top 3 posts so far for you to check out!

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