Hello Mamas! My name is Taylor.

The first thing I would like to tell you about myself is that I have an amazing husband (let’s call him chief) and a wonderful daughter S! I am starting this blog because we are radically changing our lives and I think that it could encourage others to do the same!

We took the “traditional” steps in life. We dated, got married, bought a house, had a kid and were working away at our jobs. Apparently that is what most people are after in life but we found it extremely unfulfilling. We were living in a small, but extremely crowded city with traffic EVERYWHERE. Our lives were so fast paced and it seemed like all of the important things were getting thrown to the way side in order to remain cogs in this never ending wheel of life.

As we sat back and evaluated this we decided that it was CRAZY! Sure, we had “things” but we were not happy. Chief was working a job that he was great at and liked decently but the hours were terrible. He was working 4-5 nights a week and our family was suffering tremendously because of it. I was a stay at home mom (which I did love) but our circumstances made it very stressful. We had a lot of debt. We were fixing things on our house left and right and acquiring more debt all the time. It felt like we were constantly drowning and praying that nothing went wrong because we were always at the end of our rope.

Things absolutely had to change…We were not living like this forever. Our dream was to live naturally on a small homestead while being as self sufficient as possible. We want to build a fulfilling life away from the hustle and bustle while simultaneously creating a totally different life for our children.

So here’s what we are doing.

  1. We sold our house (Debt payoff became a real priority!)
  2. Chief quit his job. Started school for a new, more family friendly career.
  3. I went back to work full-time to get our family through his program
  4. We are working our butts off to save money and pay down debt as fast as we can
  5. We sacrifice
  6. We are buying a piece of land- 6 acres and some change!
  7. Working now on saving to build a house on that land and start a homestead!

Everyone thought we were crazy for shaking up everything we worked so hard to achieve, but I can tell you…what a breath of fresh air! Now, it came with a ton of hard work and it will continue to be hard for a while. The good news is that we are finally working toward a life that we love. We will be learning and sharing how to live naturally, grow food for our family, raise chickens & livestock etc. I hope you enjoy reading about our journey as we go through it!

One more thing…I am a nurse and my passion is breastfeeding & all things children! I have been sharing about that for a while now so feel free to check some of those posts out as well!

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