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How to care for YOU while you are busy caring for everyone else!

Let’s face it mamas…we never take any time for ourselves! Between early morning routines, meals & cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery trips, other shopping trips, baths, bedtimes, nighttime feedings, husbands…

We never get any time alone! And when we do, we most likely have a little one attached to us somehow. We are master problem solvers of all sorts! We are boo boo fixers, macgyvers, song singers, story readers, booger wipers, diaper changers, hand holders and many many other things. Oh, the hats we wear!

Moms are caregivers by nature, but we often to forget to care for ourselves! Here are some tips to help take care of yourself! You are important too!

Take a Mommy Break

This can be anytime during the day…EVERYDAY! Yes, I said every single day. You may think that sounds crazy but it is totally possible. I am not talking about hours on end, but take 10-15 minutes for yourself. For this 15 minutes nothing else matters. As long as the kids are safe, find someplace quiet to lock yourself away. Sit and Relax! Clear your mind! You can even soak in a nice hot bath. This is a time for you to stop worrying and just think about things that you like. Uninterrupted…and not being harassed. Sounds blissful doesn’t it?!

Do Something You Enjoy

Find something that you like to do and try to do it once every week! You may like going out to the movies, going to get a manicure or going out on a date with your husband! Whatever it is, make sure you take some time to do it! Before you embark on this adventure…get dressed up! Don’t go out in your leggings and messy bun! Take a shower, fix your hair and put on your makeup! Find something to wear that makes you feel pretty! You are beautiful and deserve to feel that way!

Have a Hobby

This is good for your sanity! We do the same mundane tasks over and over again! Find a little hobby to do when you have time. This can be while the kids are napping or even once everyone has gone to bed for a little while. One thing that I like to do is sew! I also like to make homemade decor from things that I find on Pinterest. Whatever makes you happy, make a little time to do it and be productive with something that you actually look forward to doing!


Having the right priorities is really the key to happiness! Yes, it is important that things get done around the house, but sometimes things can wait! A lot of moms hate hearing this because they have their lists and want to get things done. And while that is great and efficient, your kids will never remember how clean the bathrooms were or that the furniture got wiped down every week. They remember the love you showed them! Kids remember playing tea parities, dress up, and football in the yard. Children remember tree forts and riding their bikes. If you find yourself so stuck in getting everything done, just leave it alone and get outside! Focus on the things that really matter.

You get one single life to live so you have to make it count! The last thing that anyone wants is to stress their life away…


Mental health is incredibly important in taking care of yourself! This can really help moms reign in stress and anxiety! There may be tons of things to do and obstacles coming your way. You may feel like when it rains, it pours and there is always something going wrong. The first thing to do is change your perspective. Try to see things in a positive light and it will change your outlook on the entire situation. Then, reflect on all the good in your life. You may even want to keep a journal and jot down all the things that you are thankful for. Nothing is too small! It is important to re-focus on the good for our mental sanity!

Get Moving

If you are run ragged chasing children around all day long, disregard this section 🙂 But seriously, find a way to get moving every day! Walk around the grocery store shopping for half an hour, take the kids to a park and play with them, make up a backyard game to get some exercise in. This will help you tremendously! I know as a stay at home mom, it can be easy to get complacent and not have any energy! Do something to get yourself going again! If you can fit in a small workout daily then that is wonderful! Your physical fitness is something that you shouldn’t compromise and a very important part of taking care of yourself!


Overall, remember to ENJOY! Choose to find joy everyday! It will change your life 🙂

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